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Injection mould gating system is an important direction for improvement development of hot runner mold, the primary difference between it and general injection mould is gating system in the process of injection molding plastic won''''t frozen, will not fall off with the plastic parts, so the mould is also called the free port. Main features -- energy saving material and labor force feed system of injection molded parts setting material possession of material consumption of the larger proportion. 

The secondary use of the condensation section is after crush out. With diced fresh material to molding plastic parts. Problems are easy to pollution and bring in foreign body make secondary molding plastics performance degradation. Statistics show that with the increase of the secondary material plastic scrap back about 5 times and thermosetting plastic flow of material cured completely become waste. Can''''t be reused.

 One without these port setting material in the runner injection molding for thermosetting plastics. Less consumption this part of the plastic. For thermoplastics are exempt from the recycling of the condenser, and therefore do not need to put these coagulation material from plastic pieces of the separation, crushing, extrusion, diced saves the process necessary for each process energy consumption and labor. Hot runner mould is closely connected with injection molding machine, injection machine to adapt to all automatic cycle ability, also want to adapt to the hot runner system. So choose the appropriate injection molding machine is particularly important, hot runner mold design is made after the need to put into production injection molding machine, how to choose the injection molding machine, will be considered in many aspects.

 (1) because of the hot runner mould of hot flow path, the runner plate, so the mold thickness increases, the corresponding selection should pay attention to when injection molding machine injection molding machine installation height.

 (2) the injection molding machine injection volume metering, want to consider the compressibility of to the large volume flow of plastic.

 (3) for the depreciation of the mould of hot flow path, advocate continuous operation of injection molding machine, with a multistage start to reduce the bad. Ensure mold can automatic operation of the equipment, or simple and controllable manipulator robot is the first choice, such as: 1, the product need to put insert flakes, labels, or wait until the mold. 2, from plastic or accelerate them out. 3, to control the movement of plastic parts and reduce the startup time in the attachment. 4, before start the injection molding machine for heating mould. 5, reduce the time on the mould, reduce cooling water pipe, gas path, circuit and the connecting time of hot runner temperature control box, etc. 

At present, the hot runner mold has been successfully used in processing all kinds of plastic material, hot runner mold is mainly the traditional mold or three plate mold sprue and runner heating, often in each forming that don''''t need to take out a new structure of the runner and gating. Its this way of processing than conventional mold forming period is short, but save raw materials, also has been widely used. Hot runner mould is relatively cold runner mould, there are many benefits.

 The hot runner mould is missing not use heating device to make the melt in the runner solidification of mould, the formation of the cycle a lot, but also can save raw materials, so the hot runner mold has a very wide range of USES, its about the benefits of the standard mould of hot flow path network sharing is as follows: good 1, shorten the cycle shorten the molding cycle parts, because there is no limit to the gating system, cooling time, stamping shape after curing can be out in a timely manner.

 Many with hot runner mold production of thin-walled parts molding cycle can be under 5 seconds. Good 2, mold pictures In the pure for not cold runner in the mould of hot flow path, so there is no material production costs. This was particularly significant for the application of plastic expensive project. In fact, the main international hot runner manufacturers are expensive oil in the world and plastic raw materials prices obtained the swift and violent development of s. Because of the hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce cost is expected to reduce cost of raw materials. Good 3, reduce the waste To reduce waste, provide the quality of the product. In the process of forming mould of hot flow path, the plastic melt temperature control in runner system accurately. Plastic can be more uniform state into the cavity, the result is consistent with the quality parts. Gate of hot runner molding parts are of good quality and low residual stress after demoulding, part deformation is small. So a lot of high quality products on the market are produced by hot runner mold.

 As people are familiar with MOTOROLA mobile phone, HP printers, many in a DELL laptop computer plastic parts are made of hot runner mold. 4, production automation To eliminate the follow-up process, be helpful for production automation. Parts after molding mould of hot flow path is the finished product, don''''t need to trim the gate and recycling processing cold runner and other processes. Is advantageous to the production automation. Many overseas products manufacturers are combined hot runner and automation to greatly improve production efficiency. Many advanced plastic forming technology is developed based on hot runner technology. 

Such as PET preform production, in the MOLD of multicolor injection, injection process, a variety of materials STACK MOLD, etc.

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