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Konka group discuss the mould processing with us Successfully

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Secco mold production sales this year broke the previous record. 100 2014 has been successful in providing mold processing and injection molding processing. Percentage of the turnover of our company greatly. Again, we thank the konka to our support and trust. Purchasing our mould.

Customers mainly come from the mold processing of the network and customers. After all, not a consumable. Each company need only one. So we can make this performance, there is a reason for that. Most of the customers is due to our mould has imported machining center, CNC edm machine, milling machine and so on 50 sets of processing equipment. So introduce the peers around to our procurement.

On May 21, konka group, founded in 1980, is China''''''''''''''''s reform and opening up after the birth of the first sino-foreign joint venture electronics enterprises, konka group, mainly engaged in color TV, mobile phones, set-top boxes, white goods, living appliances, LED and related products research and development, manufacture and sales

The initial investment of hk $43 million. KONKA group has wide coverage, service perfect marketing service network, KONKA color TV domestic retail market share for six consecutive years ranked first, \"KONKA KONKA\" trademark by the state identified as \"China well-known trademark\", was named \"China''''''''''''''''s most valuable brands\", the brand value is more than 150 one hundred million yuan. In 1991, konka group restructuring and as a public joint stock co., LTD. In 1992, konka, A and B shares listed on the shenzhen stock exchange at the same time, the existing total assets of nearly one hundred million yuan, net assets of nearly four billion yuan, A total of 1.204 billion shares, oct group is the first big shareholder

Byd company introduction of konka is my company''''''''''''''''s customers. Byd company and secco company signed a long-term cooperation relationship. Very satisfied with our products. We will continue efforts to innovation. To do the our products more stable. Let the customer recognition of our products. Is what we are after.

Provide mold product development, design, injection molding, screen printing, hot stamping, injection, assembly and other services.

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