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Process flowchart

Processing Cooperation Process Description:

     1. Product Development: According to the customer''s ideas or sketches, the Company ranked professional designers reception, according to the customer''s creativity, multi-party communication, free to develop products. Form a complete product design engineering drawing process. And provide a complete list of drawing BOM.

     2.mold development and processing: After the customer drawing hand or confirmation, we will enter the mold design and machining processes.

. a material purchase: the estimated production volume of the product development and product appearance structural requirements and post-processing according to the amount of material to choose different molds and mold. With the least cost to achieve product quality and customer needs. Not wasted and high quality.

. b mold processing: The company has advanced high-speed machining centers, wire cutting, precision EDM machines, lathes, grinders, milling, drilling and other processing equipment. According to product requirements, select the appropriate processing methods, processing and completion of assembly and test mode.

    3.die tryout review: After the product tryout, according to the product tryout situation, with customers reporting and test mode and test mode of communication with the sample review, and further requirements for product quality and to verify and confirm the samples.

    4.Die modification and improvement: According to the review report, revised and improved mold nuances. And re-test mode and a rear surface processing, shipment of products to meet customer quality and official confirmation.

    5. mass production.

Companies five principles:

      Basis for cooperation: integrity first, in good faith, based on the establishment of friendly relations of cooperation.

      Market-oriented principles: joint consultation with the efforts to develop the production of market acceptance of products, improve the product.

      Caused by the interests of customers: a reasonable product development, select the appropriate processing methods to maximize savings for customers development costs, processing costs, production costs.

      The principle of common interests: Customer stable development is a prerequisite for our development. Only customer profitability, we can truly benefit.

      Continuous operating principles: sustainable and stable development is the last word. Updating technology is to protect development.

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