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Shenzhen secco Yi Hao technology co., LTD., specializing in plastic mold, metal mold and related auxiliary equipment design and manufacturing. Now there are mould department, molding department, screen printing department, assembling department. After nearly 15 years of continuous development and innovation, with advanced equipment, professional technology, rich experience that we have design and create all kinds of precision mould, such as large and complex, ability. From the mold manufacturing to provide a series of perfect molding production supporting services. Injection production need 24 hours of continuous operation, generally for two class works, injection molding workshop workshop division of work, the more complex, the skills of different positions and different. To make injection molding workshop production run smoothly, need to each link and each post personnel, materials, equipment, tools and so on carries on the management, mainly includes: raw material room, broken material room, mixing room, production site, after processing, tool room, semi-finished products, office and other regional operation and coordination management work. Since its inception, the company uphold the "strict management, high quality, heavy credit, excellent service" purposes and "improvement year after year, progress every day" corporate culture, has been a rapid development; The company introduced a number of high-precision production equipment, milling machine, grinding machine, deep hole drilling, CNC, carved machine, EDM, wire walking, konka, byd, angel, pavilion, wanda, hin, and other large enterprises at home and abroad have close relations of cooperation, has now set up the annual output of more than 1500 sets of precision mold design and manufacturing capabilities, at the same time has also established with the form a complete set of precision injection molding processing and manufacturing capacity. Company to "quality first, reputation first" for the idea, "mutual benefit, both sides win-win" for the principle, has always aimed to develop high technology, difficult, manufacturing high value-added new mould, grasps the enterprise mission of "better life", pay attention to the development of high technology talents, increase investment in high-tech, equipped with high-precision equipment, in order to finish as the breakthrough point, specialized in manufacturing high precision mold and connector mold accessories; In absorption, digestion domestic and foreign advanced mold manufacturing technology and continuously, on the basis of accumulated rich experience in the processing of research and innovation, constantly explore new areas of industry. Keep improving; Secco Yi Hao, precision design, precision machining, first-class service, achievement the success today, and in creating a brilliant tomorrow

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